We protect human from their environment while respecting it

The Ecodesign is « our main value » founder of our creative approach. All the environmental aspects have been taking in account in the creation of the module LpS8.
This material has been chosen for his hydraulic performances and mechanical caracteristics : resistant by fatigue wear ( pressions, chocks..), abrasion wear (…), and UV …
LpS8 can face floods episodes but also to heavy loaded liquids due to the inertia of the chemical agents of this material.
Moreover, the HDPE has a a certified life greater than 100 years and is completly recyclable. It can be regenerated and recycled in granular form.
All these caracteristics made the LpS8 a module having a chemical, mechanical resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

How it works ?

Mobile dam – protection line system 8 –LpS8

Within a very short time in building and unbuilding, this module allows erecting a self-supporting barrier by interlocking identicals sections, equipped with joints at the ends placed side by side in the longitudinal direction.
The work forms a protective device, placed on waterproof surfaces road, concrete, fixed or not. All of this construction mades it as a configurable system at the option of the user, depending on the situation and the land.
Targeted applications are wide and determined according o the flexibility of the device’s use :

  • Absorb and deviate toward a stock area
  • Protecting the most important public and industrial utilities areas as also the buildings.
  • Protect the axes of circulations (road, railways…) from cross currents.
  • Keep the principals axes of circulations opened.
  • Create temporary retention zones or storage areas.

Protection Line System 8

Module Lps8

LpS8 is a temporary protection barrier against urban floods.
It is implanted on rainproof surfaces like asphalt, concrete or paved.
A unic system in the world, LpS8 catch the floodwater in its tank thanks to its valves with floats without any humain interactions.
This makes it an autonomous barrier, stable and freestanding, which can be used without anchoring.
Advantageously, a height of 80 cm can retain a large amount of water while allowing people to cross the barrier and get safe behind.

Mounting, dismounting

Easy to transport, the LpS8 modules don’t need heavy logistics.
LpS8 is optimized to be manipulated by one person, or a team of two people without the need for lifting equipment.
It is easy and practical to build a barrier of protection from a prurality of modules.
Lightweight and designed with few pieces, LpS8 is adapted for an installation with hostile weather conditions.
Deployable in three movements, the fixing device is stored inside of the box and allows to quickly build tightly two contiguous modules together.
The solution is configurable according to the limits of the field. The flexible connection of LpS8 creates curves and angles without the need of any extra pieces.
After the flood, LpS8 is easily to dismount and to clean. Tidy the module forms a stockable box, requiring little space to be storage inside or outside.


The general condition is optimized, one LpS8 module forms a box in which the fastening device is stored inside.
So all the needed components to build one module cannot be lost during the storage process. It is therefore not necessary to store independently the fasteners.
The LpS8 modules are configured to be stacked one on the other and can be stored outside.

Standards & certifications

In July 2019, our prototype has been tested during an experimental campaign at the HR Wallingford during the « early Development testing » process.
Cuirassier has as objective to get the standard kitemark as a new certification BSI (BS 851188) launched in early October 2019.