Excedeed by the News

According ONU reports, the frozen grounds of the permafrost are threaten to release billions tons of greenhouse gases, at risk to accelerate the global warning.
In that context the extreme weather conditions should increased.

IPCC reports show that heavy rain episodes will be more often and stronger in all the various continental areas, especially in high and low altituds. Increase of frequent heavy extreme precipitations should compound the risk of runoff floods in many urban areas and increase the risk of river flooding.

Optimize your protection

Unique patented

The only protection that captures and strengthens with liquids.

Ecodesign &

The chemical inertia of its material helps and secure its cleaning.

Reusable &

Designed to be used regularly with a completely recyclable material.


A space saving and stackable format, the modules can be stored outside.

All in one

A module forms a box where all the fixing device is stored.


Asphalts, concrete, paved surfaces…. Are the support of our anti flood barrier.

Quick &
easy to deploy

Light and compact, a person wears and installs the module with minimal training.


Standard protection of 80 cm high, any shapes or length can be given without adding parts.

to transport

Our anti flood barrier doesn’t require heavy logistics means of transport.