Fluvial & coastal

Protection against floods

Floods can come from the sea, rivers, or from a conjonction of several factors.
The dikes can break , be overtaken by waves or be prone to a surge.
LpS8 modules are a quick and flexible solution, allowing you to design an effective protection system.
LpS8 helps to reduce floods risks by reliable protecting people, goods and infrastructures.


Rainwater management & runoff Control

The last report from the ICPP underlined that the water cycle is accentuated by the temperatures. This has as results an increase of dense rainfall and localized over periods of 3 up to 5 days.
With the exagerated increase of rainproof surfaces ( roofing, paved surface, roads, asphalts parking….), the runoff is more and more important as the sewerage networks are overloaded and the volume of polluted rainwater discharged into watercourses increase.
Our LpS8 modules can help civil engineers to design urban dynamic slowdown systems and orienting  runoff on a course with less damage.


Industrial risk

For the operators, a hazard study characterizes all the potentials dangers by listing those internal to the institution but also those of external origin, especially the natural  risk including floods.
Our LpS8 modules can protect you from the risk of flooding also from other alea as the industrial accident. During a fire, the firemen send many chemicals through their spears. These products mix with industrial materials that can not join the sewerage network.
LpS8 is designed with materials having chemical inertness. This allows you to realized temporary containment zone that can be treated  upon arrival of adequate means.
LpS8 is a prevention and protection solution adapted to your environmental policy.