Who are we ?

Based in France near by the Futuroscope of Poitiers, Cuirassier is specialised in conception and development of protection systems against liquid runoff industrial or not.

Activities of the company are based on four patents developed by the founder Mister luc Nguyen Van.
The LpS8 modul is a french innovation of temporary protection which is dedicated to civil security actors, collectivity and industrials.
Ecodesigned and operationally optimized, this barrier is a cost effective solution with a great flexibility.
LpS8 modules are manufactured and assembled in France to ensure better management and quality control.


To act in urgency during fast floods or not in rainproof zone, without having to proceed to heavy human and mechanical means often out of reach.
Ability to limit & steer runoff towards areas of controlled retention, in fact a solution able of reducing the high damages and optimizing decisions concerning infrastructure investments in increasingly difficult economic limits.

About us

Founder : Luc NGUYEN VAN

I always used to work in the operations where problems and urgency needed to be solved.
I really love all the analysis process from the study of the needs to the final implementation.
During the floods in the 90’s , one idea get to me. When I saw the archaic means developed, I told mylself that « at the begginning of a new century, of a new era this is unbelievable! »
As I was starting to work, I started to do a watch on the temporary protections who appeared.
My goal has always been to design and create a brand new product, very specific and focus on operations
In a profesional transition, I decided to dedicate myself to that new innovation. After some meetings and exchanges with the UTC and the CEREMA a final project was born.
In 2016, a first patent was filed and today four other patents and certifications strenghten our temporary protection system.
Futur operational solutions are being developed.